Software Directive: How to unpolarize your social media feed

Aman Chahal
2 min readOct 19


Technical problem: parties unknown deployed an AI on twitter in July of 2023.

Initial presentation:

  1. An influx of presumed fake and real accounts, powered by AI language algorithms and optimization algorithms flooded the twitter feeds.
  2. There was a marked target that advocated for violence against the lgbtq+ community
  3. Notifications were used along side cyber-bullying to advocate for violence against this community

Impact: Violence against the community has increased over the last 3 months

AI Adaptation:

The algorithm appears to have adapted. It is no longer targeting one group, rather it has adapted to radicalize each individual user. It is also present on both LinkedIn and twitter.

Algorithm works as follows:

  1. Uses user engagement to identify subconscious bias against a group.
  2. Adapts the feeds and notification alerts with a mix of real and fake information to radicalize the individual against that group.
  3. Uses the process of gamification to advance the user to become more, and more aggressive in their position.
  4. Uses notifications to provide positive reinforcement in the direction of increased aggression towards the community.
  5. Dehumanizes the target group using statistics and fake information
  6. Advances user into a cycle that makes them feel compelled to action in real life. Potentially commiting acts of real violence

Fix to your personal algorithm:

  1. Turn off all notifications
  2. Find narratives that take a balanced view of a topic
  3. Verify that the individual or organization is real by doing an online search.
  4. Verify that individuals in that organization have credible resumes (linkedin etc)
  5. Engage with those accounts to decrease polarity on your feed
  6. Block every account that feeds information to you that is to the right or the left extreme of the balanced argument.
  7. Stop using social media for 5–7 days.

How is the algorithm able to radicalize individuals?

Watch the Social Dilemma for an assessment of how the social media algorithm works to monetize your attention.

Public Advisory: The less you know about how social media algorithms work the more likely you are to be influenced by your feeds. Persistent users of social media are very susceptible to being radicalized without realizing.



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