One issue that is going to feature in many places in these posts, is the fact that I do things a bit differently coz I am dyslexic and make some mistakes a lot more than others. Most people make these errors but the frequency with which I do can be a huge hindrance.

These are usually spelling-related, not seeing things like punctuation, brackets, not interpreting instruction the same as other people- especially when they are written. I am putting this post here because I hope you find this tool before anything else, this has been one of my biggest challenges…

What do you want to learn?

If you have an idea for something you are building, I am confident as a human who has used things, you can simplify the concept into some linear flow. It doesn’t have to be perfect, just map out the big things that need to happen.

Here is something I want to build:

Types of things I want to build

I would describe this in super easy steps as follows:

  1. I want to analyze a bunch of data, some publicly available some I need to collect
  2. My analysis will tell me when something users want to avoid is going to happen
  3. I…

In my humble opinion, one of the hardest things about learning to code is being able to articulate your confusion. I have now taken 2 full web app development courses, 3 Udemy ones, and tried to build 2 other MVP mockups and now am taking a full-web-dev Bootcamp course by Colt Steele on Udemy. And NOW I can articulate my confusion.

In the hope that you can bypass this struggle, I offer you what I learned. These insights apply to me, we may not have overlapping confusions. But I hope in reading how I identified mine, you may be able…

The next weekend was fast approaching, and I was trying to redo all my work from the week before. Normally this is typical of me, I think repetition helps me learn. But in this case- nothing I did was saved so I had to redo it, then come up with a way to transport my laptop along with this weird external USB thing to the class without losing the connection. My sanity like my grasp of coding was being held together precariously by an external USB adapter.

I lost the adapter.

There must be some kind of poetry to this…

After the 8th try and 2nd BIOS malfunction, I hated Ubuntu.

So what is it? Ubuntu is an operating system, and if you don’t know much about coding, let me reassure you, you should have no reason to understand what the holy eff that means. But coders say this shit to you as if YOU’RE the crazy one who should have known.

An operating system is a bit like your friends from different parts of your life. They all provide different kinds of fun times and hilarity. Sometimes you know they will get along but sometimes you know your Linkin…

I sort of ask a lot of questions. To everyone. I’m an equal opportunity information gatherer. So I asked everyone I could find what language to learn. Without fail they answered in some variation of depends, what do you want to do?

I am not a violent person. I mean we all have violent feelings from time to time, but on the whole, I am a pretty easy-going person. But this answer is useless to everyone. Candidly a bit enraging. How on earth am I supposed to learn what language to learn so that I could make my products when…

In 2019 I had decided to try to learn to code. I was flirting with it- sussing it out so to speak. I mean I was afraid id break the internet or my computer or both. I didn’t know if coding could cause an explosion in the computer that would then take out the apartment- but u get the gist of it.

For reasons beyond my comprehension I didn’t even want to buy the Udemy courses- I don’t know if I was thinking some kind of link between me and the coding course would set some kind of alarms off…

How I got here:-

I had an idea, it was crazy- most of my ideas are. But I believed in it, I put my heart and soul into stress testing it. So, after 3 years of working on the concept, I was able to articulate how I would deploy it. That is when this story began:-

Honestly, if you are even close to startups, I would say most of the advice out there is absolute bull shit. How do I know? I bought into it for a year- just test your hypothesis and come up with a kickass deck and a bunch of angels/VCs…

Why is it so hard to get a straight answer about COVID?

With the recent hospitalization of the US President Donald Trump, the misinformation about how to address COVID -our current pandemic continues to grow. So why does it seem like scientists, politicians and leaders cant get their information straight?

Lets break this down:

  1. Understanding what is happening:

When the first cases were emerging, we realized this was a new virus. We knew it was different because it hurt ppl differently than other viruses. So we needed to understand what we were dealing with. Since this didnt happen in a controlled environment and we knew it was a virus that was lethal…

Innovation=Evolution (image: pixabay)

Essay 1 on Innovation

The word ‘Innovation’ is often thrown around like buzzword bingo — ‘curate’, ‘synergy’, ‘disruptive’. The overuse of a word often renders it obsolete so we innovate on language- ‘Ah innovative but are you disruptive??’. The business world seems rife with theories on innovation- from the open office fad to the pool table at work, where is innovation bred and what does it mean?

Aman Chahal

Serious about #climatechange, sarcastic about everything else

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